Amanda Farnese Heath is the creative behind Mad March Hare. After starting out in different places she finally found home in the big open spaces in Scotland and there her creative synergy flowed. Amanda's expertise in event design, incredible talents in food, styling and photography lead to Wild Dining and inspired by new locations and driven by an overwhelming energy to create and share these unique experiences, her journey continues



Food has always been a mainstay in Amanda's life being brought up in an Italian household, where everything happened around the kitchen table. A culmination of years in a busy kitchen lead to the Mad March Hare Pop Up's where she now organise magical foodie events reminiscent of those days. She focuses on small specialist food and drink launches and her long table dinners, which are mainly outdoors in secret beautiful, unusual and remote locations,  where you share big plates of  rustic, delicious food. Each Wild Dinner not only nourishes you with the best ingredients she can find, there's always a creative surprise to make these magical events stay with you forever.



Collaborating with all sorts of clients in the food, lifestyle, leisure & Interior sector Amanda works on creating an aspirational story where her stylistic approach focuses on deconstructing a dish or product and allowing the ingredients and contents to shine through, spotlighting the origins and essence, which are often overlooked, also applying these principals to all of the other areas she works in.

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Working with business men, women and families, Amanda focuses on capturing the truth. Using natural light she works to create a very laid back and relaxing vibe, producing images that reflect each subject she photographs.

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Finally yoga which came a bit later on Amanda's  creative journey,  but flowed so perfectly with everything else she works at she decided to train and become a teacher. After graduating with Classical Yoga Scotland under June Mitchell, she now teaches regular classes at The Barefoot Sanctuary in North Berwick, Scotland, and offers healthy superfood lunches after the classes, focusing on nourishing the body after a dynamic yoga session.  

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