Yin Yang Flow Sessions & Vegetarian Brunch 10am - 12.30pm

Every month i will be hosting a two hour Yoga session, and afterwards a delicious Mad March Hare vegetarian Brunch will be served in The Barefoot Sanctuary, and if it happens to be sunny we can take it to the beach.

All of the workshops and brunches will be curated to align with the time of year and the moon cycle.

Starting with a wonderfully nourishing, releasing and restoring Yin Yoga practice. Mindful long held floor based stretches (3-5 mins), targeting the deep connective tissue, ligaments and fascia of the body, increasing our flexibility, re-balancing our energy, whilst allowing the mind and nervous system to settle down deeply into a calming meditative state.

We will work through a dynamic and strengthening set of postures flowing from one Asana to the next. Getting the body and energy moving, as we begin to wring out all of our stresses, both physically and mentally. Moving with music, keeping a calm inner strength while we move with grace.

All resulting in a delicious release and ‘letting go’ of those tight held areas of tension we all carry and store.

After Savasana you will be served a light vegetarian brunch Mad March Hare Style at The Barefoot Sanctuary Long Table seating, and if the sun shines we will head to the beach.

The cost is £35 per person.
There are 14 places available at each event. Tickets Are Non Transferable.